Storage and network virtualization


Learn about how storage and network resources can be virtualized to support software defined datacenters.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Recall the design considerations in datacenter networks and describe the need for virtualization to support multiple tenants
  • Compare and contrast traditional datacenter networks and software-defined networking (SDN) for the purposes of multi-tenant networks
  • List the various types of storage systems used in datacenters
  • Compare and contrast traditional datacenter storage and software-defined storage (SDS) and list some of the benefits of SDS

In partnership with Dr. Majd Sakr and Carnegie Mellon University.


  • Understand what cloud computing is, including cloud service models, and common cloud providers
  • Know the technologies that enable cloud computing
  • Understand how cloud service providers pay for and bill for the cloud
  • Know what datacenters are and why they exist
  • Know how datacenters are set up, powered, and provisioned
  • Understand how cloud resources are provisioned and metered
  • Be familiar with the concept of virtualization
  • Know what the different types of virtualization are
  • Understand CPU virtualization
  • Understand memory virtualization
  • Understand I/O virtualization