Call center order processing options


During the creation of a call center, three processing options have a great impact on the features that are available for call center orders based on whether these processing options are enabled on the call center channel or not:

  • Enable order completion
  • Enable direct selling
  • Enable order price control

Enable order completion

The Enable order completion option enforces a set of validation rules that the order must go through before it can be successfully submitted to processing. An important validation that occurs when this option is enabled is the capture of payment and the necessary payment validation logic. Another validation can be fraud checks if fraud rules and criteria have been configured.

When Enable order completion is turned on for the call center channel, every order that is created or modified by the call center user will initially have a Do not process flag set on the order header. This flag blocks the order from being picked, packed, or invoiced. Users will be required to go through an end order dialog, where they must submit the order to validation processing. Any failed validations will require the user to correct the order and try to submit again. If the errors are not corrected, the order will remain in a Do not process state and can’t be further fulfilled until the order can properly pass validation logic.

Enable direct selling

The Enable direct selling option enables the upsell and cross-sell functionality and the Source Code ID capture features of the call center channel.

If upsell/cross-sell data was defined for an item that was entered on the call center order, a pop-up window appears during sales order line entry to allow the user to ask the customer if they want to replace the item with the recommended upsell or add a new line with the recommended cross-sell. If Enable direct selling is disabled, a pop-up window will not appear, even if the upsell and cross-sell configuration exists for the item.

Scripts and images become available on the sales order entry page when Enable direct selling is turned on. This data will appear on an informational flyout message on the right side of the Sales orders page.

The Source ID field also becomes available on the main sales order header and on the sales lines when Enable direct selling is turned on. This feature allows the user to capture a catalog source code for the order or order line and is often used in direct marketing scenarios. The Source Code ID is defined in Catalog setup and can be used to drive special prices and promotions for the order.

Enable order price control

The Enable order price control option enables call center users to change the price of an item on a sales order if that item has been configured to allow price adjustment. A specific Retail Sales Line workflow must also be created in Commerce Workflows to enable the price override approval process.

Disabling the Enable order price control option in the call center channel will allow any user to change the price of line items during order entry.