Configure modes of delivery


Modes of delivery are assigned to the Commerce channels, or organization nodes, as defined by the different organization hierarchies that are set up for the company.

The following pages can be found under Retail and Commerce > Channels > Stores > All stores > Modes of delivery button and Manage modes of delivery button.

Screenshot of the Dynamics 365 Commerce modes of delivery pages.

After you have configured the modes of delivery for the Commerce channels, run the Process delivery modes job so that the data will be available to the channels. The process that is shown in the following figure can be found under Retail and Commerce > Retail and Commerce IT > Process delivery modes.

Screenshot of the Dynamics 365 Commerce process delivery modes.

Watch the following video to learn how to configure modes of delivery.

Modes of delivery for customer pickup

You can define multiple modes of delivery as pickup options in the Dynamics 365 Commerce parameters. If this is configured, you can offer your customers other pickup choices at checkout, for example curbside pickup or in-store pickup. These other pickup delivery modes will be accessible through the online, call center, and store channels through the Dynamics 365 e-commerce, call center, and Store Commerce applications.

When your customer is checking out online, they can choose a preferred pickup mode of delivery, this will be applied to the sales line. In the point of sale, when users use the Recall order or Fulfillment operations and choose a prefiltered view that shows all orders for pickup for their store, the filter will show orders linked to any of the configured pickup delivery modes.

You can configure the different modes of delivery on the Commerce parameters page in the Customer orders tab.

 Screenshot of the Customer orders tab on the Commerce parameters page..

Notifications can also be set up for each mode of delivery you have configured in the application to send transaction emails to your customers. This functionality is important for contactless shopping scenarios when retailers need to provide specific instructions and guidelines to their customers about the pickup process or different modes of delivery.

This can be set up by creating a unique email template to each combination of notification types, plus mode of delivery. When a single mode of delivery is used for all lines in an e-commerce order, the email template that is mapped to the notification type plus mode of delivery will be used to send the email. If the lines in an order specify different modes of delivery, the default template that is mapped to the notification type will be used.

To use this tool, go to Commerce headquarters and turn on the Customize transactional emails by mode of delivery feature switch. The Commerce email notification profile, once activated, will allow you to build mappings between notification types and delivery modes, as well as assign unique templates to each mapping.

To learn more, visit Create email template for transactional events.