Associate public IP addresses


A public IP address resource can be associated with virtual machine network interfaces, internet-facing load balancers, VPN gateways, and application gateways. You can associate your resource with both dynamic and static public IP addresses.

Things to consider when associating public IP addresses

The following table summarizes how you can associate public IP addresses for different types of resources.

Resource Public IP address association Dynamic IP address Static IP address
Virtual machine NIC Yes Yes
Load balancer Front-end configuration Yes Yes
VPN gateway VPN gateway IP configuration Yes Yes *
Application gateway Front-end configuration Yes Yes *

* Static IP addresses are available on certain SKUs only.

Public IP address SKUs

When you create a public IP address, you select the Basic or Standard SKU. Your SKU choice affects the IP assignment method, security, available resources, and redundancy options.

The following table summarizes the differences between the SKU types for public IP addresses.

Feature Basic SKU Standard SKU
IP assignment Static or Dynamic Static
Security Open by default Secure by default, closed to inbound traffic
Resources Network interfaces, VPN gateways, Application gateways, and internet-facing load balancers Network interfaces or public standard load balancers
Redundancy Not zone redundant Zone redundant by default