Create an image recognition solution with Azure IoT Edge and Azure AI services

AI Edge Engineer
Azure IoT Edge

Create a computer vision solution on the IoT Edge using Azure AI services and Azure Speech Services. The application will capture and identify scanned item and convert the name of the item to the speech.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Use a pre-trained image classification module with Azure AI services
  • Deploy your solution to the IoT Edge using VS Code
  • Verify a module that running successfully

Produced in partnership with the University of Oxford – Ajit Jaokar, Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations course.


  • Basic knowledge of IoT Edge
  • Basic knowledge of Azure AI services
  • Basic knowledge of Azure Custom Vision
  • Basic knowledge of Azure Speech Service
  • Azure subscription
  • Linux computer
  • USB Camera
  • Visual Studio Code installed on your computer
  • Docker Community Edition installed on your computer