Construct Internet of Things devices using the .NET IoT Libraries


In this module, you'll learn to read environmental sensors and activate relays using the .NET IoT Libraries.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Construct circuits to implement:
    • An environmental sensor.
    • A switched circuit to control LEDs or relay modules.
  • Write code to read temperature and humidity from a sensor.
  • Write code to use GPIO pins to activate an LED or relay module.
  • Deploy and test the code.


  • Intermediate knowledge of .NET
  • Basic understanding of Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi OS
  • .NET SDK 7 or later
  • The following hardware components:
    • A Raspberry Pi device (2 or greater) configured with Raspberry Pi OS
    • BME280 humidity/barometric pressure/temperature sensor breakout (example)
    • 5 mm LED (example)
    • 1.0K ohm resistor (example)
    • Jumper wires (example)
    • Full-sized breadboard (example)
    • Raspberry Pi GPIO breakout board (example)