Create an online store


Before creating the e-Commerce site, you must set up at least one online channel in Commerce to establish the products, pricing, payment methods, delivery modes, fulfillment centers, and other aspects of the online experience that you want to provide to the retailer’s customers.

You can create an online channel in Commerce Headquarters (HQ).

The properties that are defined for the online store control the behavior of the store.

For example, you have defined a navigation category hierarchy and then linked it to the online store. When the online store is active, the same navigation category hierarchy is visible in the storefront and customers can use it to browse the store and discover products.

To configure a functioning online store, you need to set up multiple components so that transactions can be successfully processed for that online store. When you have configured the online store and its components, you can link the channel to one or multiple Commerce sites or any other solution for a storefront that is compatible with Commerce.

Watch the following video for a demonstration of how to create and configure an online channel.

To begin configuring a functioning online store, use the following procedure for setting up the Adyen payment account, which is needed to accept payments in the e-Commerce site. Online channels are designed to be used out-of-the-box with the Dynamics 365 Payment Connector for Adyen.

A prerequisite before you can add the payment configuration for the online store is that you have an active account set up with Adyen.

  1. Go to Retail and Commerce > Channels > Online stores.
  2. Select and open the details view of the online store that you want to add the payment account to.
  3. Select Edit to start the edit mode and then add the payment account information.
  4. Select the Payment accounts tab, and then select Add to add a payment connector.
  5. By default, the Gateway Environment field is set to Live. If you are creating a test configuration, change the Gateway Environment field to Test.
  6. Enter the Merchant account ID and Cloud API Key from your Adyen account.
  7. In the Terminal architecture field, enter Cloud.
  8. Set the Allow saving payment information in e-Commerce option to True.
  9. All other values can be left with the defaults, or you can change them to reflect your specific business scenarios.
  10. Select Save.

To finalize the online channel configuration and ensure that the products are discoverable in the e-Commerce store, you should also create a channel navigation hierarchy and sync the data to the online store database.

Each channel can have a unique channel hierarchy.