Buy online, pick up in store


Some prerequisites must be in place for you to buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS):

  • BOPIS scenarios that involve a credit card payment require a hardware station. The hardware station is built into Store Commerce for Windows and Android clients. If you're using Store Commerce for Browsers or POS for iOS, the Store Commerce client must be paired with a shared hardware station.
  • Enable the Use hardware station option in the Store Commerce for Windows.
  • Before signing in to Store Commerce, ensure that the Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account that you are using is associated with the worker who is signing in.

Previously, you learned how to create an order for pickup and synchronize it to Commerce Headquarters.

To handle that order to be picked up in the store, follow this procedure:

  1. Sign in to Store Commerce (Store Commerce for Windows or Store Commerce for Browsers) and select Orders to pick up.

    Screenshot of the Orders to pick up action Dynamics 365 Commerce.

  2. Select the order to pick up (1), and then select Pick up (2), as shown in the following screenshot.

    Screenshot of the Pick up action in Dynamics 365 Commerce.

  3. Select the item to be picked up and then select Payment methods to complete the transaction.

    Screenshot of the Payment methods action in Dynamics 365 Commerce.