Publish and export reports


When you are finished designing your report, you can publish it to your workspace in Power BI Service. You also have options to export to Microsoft Excel.

Publish reports

When you publish a report, Power BI Desktop packages your report and data, including all your visualizations, queries, and custom measures, and then uploads them to Power BI service.

To publish your report, select the Publish button on the Home tab.

Screenshot of the Publish report button on the Home tab.

You might be prompted to save your changes, in which case, select Save and then proceed to save your Power BI (.pbix) file.

You might also be required to sign in to Power BI. If so, enter your sign-in credentials to continue.

In the Publish to Power BI window, select the destination in which you want to publish the report. For example, you can publish to a workspace within Power BI. For production reports, we recommend that you publish to an app workspace.

When the report is successfully published, you'll get a success message that contains a link to your report in your Power BI site. Select Got it to close the Publishing to BI window and return to your report in Power BI Desktop. From the report page, you can select the provided URL to go to Power BI service and see your new report.

Screenshot of the Publishing to Power B I report success message.

Screenshot of the report in Power B I Server.

Export reports

Power BI allows you to export visual data, reports, and datasets. You can export to several different formats including CSV, Excel, and PDF.