Summary and resources


In this module, you learned that Microsoft 365 has collaboration solutions that you can rely on every day to share, communicate, connect, and collaborate to get work done. Teams provides engaging and inclusive meetings and real-time messaging to connect with people, wherever you are. Viva gives employees and leaders the resources and support they need to succeed and create a thriving culture. SharePoint lets you share content, news and coordinate your work inside and outside your organization. Microsoft Stream allows you to record, upload, discover, share, and manage live and on-demand videos. OneDrive gives you secure access, file storage, and ability to work on files from anywhere. Yammer allows colleagues to network and have open and dynamic communication across the organization. Exchange and Outlook help you stay-up-to-date and connected through email and calendaring. Overall, these Microsoft 365 collaboration tools can ensure fluid communication, increase engagement and promote synergy across your organization.

Now that you've completed this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how the collaboration tools of Microsoft 365 promote synergy in the workplace.
  • Describe how Microsoft Teams helps boost teamwork.
  • Describe how Microsoft Viva helps organizations create thriving work cultures.
  • Describe how Yammer communities can help foster connections within your organization.


Use the following list of resources to learn more about the information discussed in this module: