Discover cloud solutions with Azure


As government agencies look for tools and solutions to move their workloads to the cloud, they're faced with specific concerns around data residency, security, and isolation. Azure provides public sector customers with the tools and flexibility to design solutions to fit their legal and technological requirements.

What is a multi-tenant cloud service?

For governments and the public sector industry worldwide, Microsoft provides Azure, a public multi-tenant cloud services platform. A multi-tenant cloud platform implies that multiple customer applications and data are stored on the same physical hardware. Azure uses logical isolation to segregate each customer's applications and data. This approach provides the scale and economic benefits of multi-tenant cloud services while preventing customers from accessing one another's data or applications.

Benefits of the public cloud

A hyperscale public cloud provides resiliency in time of natural disaster and warfare. The cloud allows for failover redundancy and gives sovereign nations flexibility with global resiliency planning. Hyperscale public cloud also offers many features that incorporate the latest cloud innovations. These features, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT services, and intelligent edge, help government customers increase efficiency and unlock insights into their operations and performance.

Customers using Azure's public cloud capabilities, benefit from rapid feature growth, resiliency, and the cost-effective operation of the hyperscale cloud. The cloud also provides the levels of isolation, security, and confidence required to handle workloads across a broad spectrum of data classifications, including unclassified and classified data.

Use private or hybrid cloud models

The Azure Stack portfolio of products, include Azure data protection technologies and intelligent edge capabilities. These products allow customers to process confidential and secret data in secure isolated infrastructure within the public multi-tenant cloud. They also give customer’s full operational control of top secret data on-premises and at the edge.

Azure Stack Hub (formerly Azure Stack) and Azure Stack Edge allow customers to process highly sensitive data using a private or hybrid cloud and pursue digital transformation using Microsoft intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge approach. For many government customers, the primary driving factors behind these efforts are enforcing data sovereignty, addressing custom compliance requirements, and applying maximum available protection to highly sensitive data.

Now let's take a closer look at how data is protected to meet data protection and privacy requirements.