Digital transformation is business transformation


Dynamics 365 business applications allow organizations to digitally transform their organization. The applications remove the complexity of separate customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource management (ERP) systems by creating modern, modular business applications that work together on a single platform. The applications give organizations the flexibility to adopt technology when they need it to help improve business outcomes.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. The goal of digital transformation is to change how organizations operate and deliver value to customers.

Watch the following video, where Microsoft Corporate Vice President James Phillips explains digital transformation.

Digital feedback loop

The digital feedback loop refers to the framework that is used to highlight how digital transformation is enabled. At the center of the framework is data. Data emerges from everything. Every product is interwoven with telemetry and the ability to collect data. For example, the thermostat at your house knows when you're changing the temperature.

To disrupt and innovate, industries must adopt a strategy that connects their customers, employees, products, and operations as effectively as possible. Organizations need to streamline their businesses to respond to customer demands and pool data across the organization so that analytics can help provide insights.

By taking advantage of Dynamics 365 business applications, organizations can:

  • Engage customers and build relationships - Reimagine how to engage with customers by creating personalized marketing, sales, and service experiences by using data and intelligence to improve every interaction.
  • Optimize operations - Improve service, drive efficiency, and reduce costs with intelligence and prescriptive guidance that are infused throughout your business processes.
  • Empower employees - Hire, engage, and unleash the best talent to do their best work with data and insights that are available in the workplace.
  • Transform products and services - Use data as a strategic asset to identify new market opportunities, produce innovative products, and create exceptional customer experiences with a comprehensive view of your customers and operations.

The following image shows how the digital feedback loop helps empower employees, engage customers, optimize operations, and transform products.

Screenshot of a graphic showing the digital feedback loop.

Watch the following video for Microsoft Corporate Vice President James Phillips' explanation of how Microsoft apps are purpose-built to support digital transformation.

Now that you’ve reviewed digital business transformation at Microsoft, you can review how business applications can help drive your digital transformation.