Examine device management tools

Azure IoT Hub
Azure IoT SDK
Azure Portal

This module introduces you to the Azure service and coding tools that are used to implement device management tasks, and when the various approaches to device management should be applied.

Learning objectives

After you complete this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe the device management tools and approaches.
  • Describe device management using the IoT extension for Azure CLI.
  • Describe device management using the Azure IoT tools for VS Code.


Ability to:

  • Demonstrate a general understanding of cloud-based solutions, Azure, and Azure services.
  • Explain the features and capabilities of IoT Hub and implement secure device-to-cloud communication between an IoT device and an IoT hub instance.
  • Describe the Azure IoT SDKs for devices and services, and how Visual Studio Code and Azure CLI can be used to configure and develop components of an IoT solution.
  • Describe the device management patterns and device configuration options using device twins and direct methods.