Introduction to AI


AI enables us to build amazing software that can improve health care, enable people to overcome physical disadvantages, empower smart infrastructure, create incredible entertainment experiences, and even save the planet!

Watch the following video to see some ways that AI can be used.

What is AI?

Simply put, AI is software that imitates human behaviors and capabilities. Key workloads include:

  • Machine learning - This is often the foundation for an AI system, and is the way we "teach" a computer model to make predictions and draw conclusions from data.
  • Computer vision - Capabilities within AI to interpret the world visually through cameras, video, and images.
  • Natural language processing - Capabilities within AI for a computer to interpret written or spoken language, and respond in kind.
  • Document intelligence - Capabilities within AI that deal with managing, processing, and using high volumes of data found in forms and documents.
  • Knowledge mining - Capabilities within AI to extract information from large volumes of often unstructured data to create a searchable knowledge store.
  • Generative AI - Capabilities within AI that create original content in a variety of formats including natural language, image, code, and more.