Microsoft offers an end-to-end, omnichannel Dynamics 365 Commerce solution, from the browsing of a product on an e-commerce website, to the payment and delivery to, or pick up by, the consumer.

Throughout every step of the customer journey are risks of fraudulent activity that can impact a retailer’s profitability.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, you can help combat purchase, account, and omnichannel return and discount fraud with adaptive AI technology that continuously adjusts to evolving fraud patterns. Fraud Protection also provides you with the benefit of connected knowledge that is generated from all Fraud Protection merchants for better business intelligence to mitigate losses.

Watch the following video for an introduction to Fraud Protection.

The following image shows several examples of what type of fraud can occur at different phases in the customer journey.

Examples of phases of a customer journey

Fraud Protection is a cloud-based solution that is designed to help merchants protect their revenue and reputation by combating purchase, account, and omnichannel return and discount fraud with adaptive AI technology that continuously learns and adjusts to evolving fraud patterns. Through the product’s fraud protection network, customers benefit from connected knowledge that gives them broad awareness of fraud activity across the globe. Additionally, Fraud Protection provides better fraud insights and enables business intelligence so that merchants can keep the security of their confidential information and their shoppers’ privacy top of mind.

Fraud Protection offers three capabilities that can be integrated together or used individually, which provides merchants with the option to use the capability that best suits their business needs:

  • Purchase Protection - Helps merchants preserve genuine purchases and decrease fraud. It helps protect online revenue by improving the acceptance rates of commerce transactions with insights and tools that help balance revenue opportunity versus fraud loss and checkout friction.
  • Account Protection - Helps merchants combat account creation and account takeover fraud. It helps improve customer experience at critical steps of the account life cycle by enabling merchants to block fraudulent activities and protect their customers’ accounts.
  • Loss Prevention - Helps protect revenue by identifying anomalies and potential fraud that are affecting returns and discounts that arise from omnichannel purchases, enabling store managers and loss prevention officers to quickly take action to mitigate losses.

Fraud Protection is powered by the same technology that helps Microsoft protect more than one billion of its own e-commerce transactions each year.

Fraud Protection capabilities

Merchants face challenges due to fraudulent activity in their online and on-premises channels, and these core capabilities can be used in conjunction with each other, and other products, through the customer journey to help protect against various types of fraudulent attack.

The following image shows the challenges that merchants face as they relate to the customer journey.

Fraud protection challenges during a customer journey