Account Protection


Account Protection and creation capabilities in Fraud Protection help a customer maintain the integrity of their accounts and also prevent accounts from being created to commit fraud attacks or obtain benefits.

Account Protection for Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection helps protect online revenue and reputation and safeguard user accounts from abuse and fraud by combating fake account creation, account takeover, and fraudulent account access.

Account Protection delivers four outcomes:

  • Protects online revenue by helping to reduce the number of fraudulent accounts and protects the integrity of existing accounts. It helps protect the bottom line.
  • Helps improve business reputation by safeguarding user accounts from abuse and fraud. It helps mitigate monetary and reputational damage.
  • Helps improve customer satisfaction by protecting customers' authenticity and privacy.
  • Helps improve customer engagement and conversion rate by reducing friction in their journey.

Account Protection provides features that help avoid incurring losses due to fraudulent accounts by monitoring account creation and sign-in, which safeguards shopper accounts from abuse, thus improving shopper engagement and conversion by reducing friction. The four core technologies in the Fraud Protection solution for account protection are:

  • Adaptive AI technology - Continuously learns and adjusts to evolving fraud patterns and provides fraud managers with tools to optimize fraud controls.
  • BOT protection – Helps protect customers’ systems against bots that are attempting to gain access to accounts with stolen credentials or create fake accounts and transactions.
  • Fraud protection network - Connected knowledge gives broad awareness of fraudulent activity across the globe, while keeping the security of a customer's confidential information and shoppers' privacy top of mind.
  • Device fingerprinting – Boosts the service’s fraud detection capabilities to help customers reduce fraud losses.

Watch the following video to learn how to protect accounts with Fraud Protection.

As an alternative to using a guest account, and to take advantage of loyalty programs, a merchant’s customers can engage in account creation, sign-in, and account use. The Account Protection capability for Fraud Protection can assess the action for fraud risk and generate a fraud assessment to which the merchant can programmatically apply business logic.

The following diagram shows how Account Protection for Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection works.

Diagram of how Account Protection in Fraud Protection works