Guided project - Calculate final GPA

Higher Education Educator
K-12 Educator

Gain experience developing an application that will calculate and display results based on given data.

Learning objectives

After you complete this module, you'll be able to:

  • Learn to develop basic applications by breaking down the work into smaller parts
  • Identify appropriate data types for storing and working with variables
  • Perform mathematical operations to determine results
  • Apply formatting techniques to display output


  • Beginner level experience with basic C# syntax rules
  • Beginner level experience with displaying a message to a console using the Console.WriteLine() and Console.Write() methods
  • Beginner level experience with creating literal values and declare variables of basic data types like string, int, and decimal
  • Beginner level experience with string concatenation and string interpolation
  • Beginner level experience with performing basic operations on numbers