Introduction to Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes

Solution Architect
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Azure Arc
Azure Monitor

Learn about Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes and how it can help organizations optimize and simplify their hybrid cloud environments.

Learning objectives

  • Describe Kubernetes, Azure Arc, and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes.
  • Understand how to enhance Kubernetes environments by connecting Kubernetes clusters to Azure Arc.
  • Understand how to deploy applications to Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes clusters by using GitOps to manage configurations.
  • Learn about Azure services that can be deployed to Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes clusters.
  • Understand how to use Azure Policy and Azure Monitor with Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes.


For the best learning experience from this module, you need basic understanding and familiarity with the following technologies:

  • Containerization and Kubernetes architecture
  • Basic understanding of managing Kubernetes clusters
  • Azure portal and Azure CLI
  • Azure Monitor and Azure Policy
  • GitOps principles and processes