Developers and cloud architects don't want to worry about managing the server that hosts their apps, the underlying database, or the operating system (OS). They want to focus on app development. By using Azure Database for MariaDB, you can help your developers and cloud architects accelerate their app deployments.

Azure Database for MariaDB is a managed relational database as a service (DBaaS) offering that can manage your mission-critical workloads with predictable performance and dynamic scalability. You can easily connect your existing client apps and database tools to your Azure Database for MariaDB instance, providing the benefits of a platform as a service (PaaS) environment.

Depiction of a typical organization's Azure Database for MariaDB architecture.

Implementing Azure Database for MariaDB helps provide:

  • High availability.
  • Data protection.
  • Predictable and scalable performance.


Azure Database for MariaDB is based on the MariaDB Community Edition database-engine versions 10.2 and 10.3.

Example scenario

Let's imagine you work at a company that currently implements MariaDB databases to support critical workloads. Your company's cloud architects and developers spend too much time managing servers and troubleshooting OS and database issues. They don't want to. They'd rather focus on app development. You want to migrate to Azure Database for MariaDB, to provide:

  • Built-in high availability.
  • Automatic scaling.
  • Automatic backups and point-in-time restorations.
  • Excellent compliance and security.

Implementing Azure Database for MariaDB means your cloud architects and developers can focus on app development and delivery of them and their data to your users.

What will we be doing?

Helping you identify the features of Azure Database for MariaDB and showing you how to assess whether it addresses your organization's database requirements. We also show you how to differentiate between Azure Database for MariaDB and MariaDB on Azure VMs.

What is the main goal?

By the end of this module, you're able to evaluate whether Azure Database for MariaDB is appropriate for managing your organization's mission-critical workloads. You're also able to describe how the predictable performance and dynamic scalability of Azure Database for MariaDB make it ideal to host your database workloads.