Managing multiple Azure subscriptions and tenants at scale can be a challenge, especially with the reluctance of many customers to hand over what they perceive to be full control of their Azure estate to a third party. You want to create and deploy new managed services quickly and with a high level of automation.

Your company signed three new customers to provide managed services to. Each customer was keen to extend the necessary access and privileges that are needed to carry out management, maintenance, and governance activities. This growth was creating challenges for your team.

With Azure Lighthouse and the concept of delegated resource management, you can easily manage your customer's Azure resource at scale, while they have visibility of the level of authority you have over their subscriptions and the actions you take. Azure Lighthouse capabilities allow you to streamline and automate the management of multiple customer subscriptions and tenants.

Without Azure Lighthouse, your customers would have to manage an account for you in their Azure tenant, and your staff would need to work on each customer individually.

In this module, you've gained an awareness of Azure Lighthouse and its capabilities. You've learned how to prepare your Azure tenant for Azure delegated resource management, how to create automated onboarding using Azure Resource Management templates, and how to publish a managed service offer via the Azure Marketplace. You've also seen how to use Azure Lighthouse features to deliver your services to your customers and manage their Azure resources.