Exercise - Deploy Azure Resource Manager templates


In the previous exercise, you prepared your Azure Resource Manager template files with your unique information, such as your tenantID.

In this exercise, you'll use those Azure Resource Manager templates for one deployment and then you'll use the template files on GitHub for the remaining two customer deployments.


Your own Microsoft Azure subscription is required to complete this exercise, but the exercise can be viewed and this module completed without performing the exercise steps. The tasks incur no cost and a free Azure trial can be used.

Sign up for a free trial.

As the administrator for Contoso, onboard three new customers using the following methods:

  • Customer 1 requires a subscription-level deployment of your Azure Resource Manager templates, using PowerShell.

  • Customer 2 requires a deployment to one resource group, called "cust2-rg1", which you can action from GitHub. You need the unique information you gathered earlier, such as your tenantID, but the lab provides instructions for deployment.

  • Customer 3 requires a deployment to two resource groups, called "cust3-rg1" and "cust3-rg2". You can action this deployment from GitHub, again adding your unique information during the deployment process.


When you have completed the deployment exercises in this lab DO NOT CLOSE THE LAB ENVIRONMENT. Instead, keep the lab running in a separate window, return to this course and continue with the next unit.