Describe Azure Data Share


Data is a key strategic asset for many organizations, and it is important to share or receive data in safe and secure way. Data is often shared as attachments or by building external Application Program Interfaces (APIs). In some cases, organizations need to configure access to databases to share data. All of this can be challenging and expensive to monitor, update, maintain, and secure.

Data sharing is often done by sending emails with attached Microsoft Excel files or by building external APIs. In some cases organizations need to configure access to databases to share data.

Azure Data Share enables your organization to share or receive data in a secure and simple way. You can share, control, manage, and monitor your own data and the data that is shared with you.

As a data provider using Azure Data Share, you handle and control the terms of use for the data shared, and the frequency that data consumers receive updates. You have options to share from various data sources such as Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 1 and Gen 2, Azure Synapse Analytics and more.

For example, your organization wants to outsource AI datasets to a third party based on data you have collected. Azure Data Share enables you to easily and securely share your data with the organization that will provide these insights. The other organization can share their own AI insights back to you, and you can continue to build new pipelines and add on to the insights they created.

In the next unit, you will explore some Azure Data Share use cases.