Modern businesses run on data. Daily, users are performing tasks such as entering their time for payroll, working through existing processes, or using data to make business related decisions. In our technology driven world, users can be empowered to gain insights from and interact with data all while automating menial or repetitive job tasks. Microsoft Power Platform enables your business to craft solutions while empowering you to unite customized technology to help everyone, from CEO to front line workers, and to drive the business with data-driven insights.

In this module, we will:

  • Examine Microsoft Power Platform

  • Describe the business value of the Power Platform

  • Explore connectors in Power Platform

  • Review using Microsoft Dataverse to organize business data

  • Examine how Power Platform works together with Microsoft 365 apps and services

  • Explore solutions using Power Platform Microsoft Teams

  • Describe how Power Platform works with Dynamics 365

  • Describe how Power Platform solutions can consume Azure Services

  • Explore how Power Platform apps work together to create solutions