This module examined how Microsoft Secure Score helps organizations understand:

  • What they've done to reduce the risk to their data.
  • How they can further reduce that risk.

Secure Score is a security analytics tool that analyzes the Microsoft 365 services an organization is using. It then looks at the organization's configuration and behaviors and compares them to a baseline that's configured by Microsoft. You learned in this module that rather than reacting or responding to security alerts, the Secure Score tool enables organizations to track and plan incremental improvements over a longer period of time.

This module examined the benefits of Secure Score and what kind of services can be analyzed. You were introduced to how the Secure Score API collects data. You also explored how to use the Secure Score tool to identify gaps between your current state and where you would like to be concerning security. Having completed this module, you should know where to identify actions that will increase your security by mitigating risks. Finally, you learned where to look to determine the threats each action will mitigate and the effect it has on users.