Our goal in this module was to help Tailwind Traders explore various IoT services from Azure and choose the best service for the company's business scenarios.

Tailwind Traders was able to capture telemetry data from appliances, combine it with some machine learning to predict future maintenance, and create a significant value-added service for customers by using Azure IoT Hub. The company was able to implement a complete real-time logistics system to track deliveries and vehicles by using Azure IoT Central and the Connected Logistics starter template. And, finally, it was able to design and build a secure, modern, point-of-sale self-checkout terminal by using Azure Sphere.

Without Azure IoT services, receiving messages from devices might still be possible, but it would likely be much less secure and require custom development to implement a dashboard for reporting and management. It would also be more difficult to push software or firmware updates to each device.

IoT is an exciting evolution in computing that bridges the physical and digital worlds. Azure IoT services provide a significant amount of functionality for organizations that want to build device-driven and sensor-driven solutions.

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