Summary and knowledge check


Today's security threat landscape is filled with aggressive and tenacious threats, including attackers who take devices and data hostage until the owner pays a ransom. Modern attacks increasingly focus on intellectual property theft and targeted system degradation. In recognition of this landscape, Windows 10 includes multiple security features designed to make it difficult for attackers to find and exploit any vulnerabilities.

Check your knowledge


An employee in the finance department reports unusual behavior when they launch a PowerPoint file. They notice a command prompt gets launched in the background. As a security administrator, what can you implement to prevent unknown or malicious behavior like this from occurring?


As the security administrator of Contoso you decide to monitor executable scripts running in mail. The Research & Development department says that it needs you to allow executable scripts to run in its mail. What would be the best solution to keep all of Contoso protected and secured?


Which of the following Windows 10 security features focuses on securing organizational identities and passwords?