Assign serial and lot numbers in a purchase document


Before you can receive items with item tracking codes that are set up for inbound transactions, you must assign serial, lot and/or package numbers. Most often, you might want to use the item tracking information from the vendor or manufacturer.

You can enter serial, lot, and package numbers on the Item Tracking Lines page, which you can access from the purchase order by selecting Line > Item Tracking Lines on the Lines FastTab.

Screenshot of the Edit item tracking lines page.

If expiration dates are assigned to serial/lot numbers when items are inbound, then the items with the earliest expiration date are picked first when outbound. This principle is called First-Expire-First-Out (FEFO).

To enter expiration dates for inbound items, you must select the Use Expirations Dates field on the Misc. FastTab of the Item Tracking Code Card.

Screenshot showing the Use Expiration Dates field.

Watch the following video to learn how to assign serial and lot number tracking in a purchase order.