Troubleshoot common Microsoft Edge issues


The following table lists some common ways that you can resolve problems users might have related to the Microsoft Edge browser.



Microsoft Edge loads pages slowly.

Try to delete cached files and enable InPrivate Browsing to disable any trackers.

Some webpages display “needs Internet Explorer” message.

Webpages that user ActiveX, Silverlight, Java, and other similar technologies will more often show this message. Use IE Mode to display that webpage.

Users cannot find favorites or downloads previously used in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer favorites are not imported automatically to Microsoft Edge. When you open Favorites in Microsoft Edge, you can choose to import favorites from Internet Explorer.

Text in reading pane is too small.

In Settings in Microsoft Edge, you can configure the font and size that you want to use for the reading pane.

Ads are not blocked in Microsoft Edge.

Install an AdBlock extension from the Edge Add-ons catalog.

Webpages cannot be saved with Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge does not have the same Save as feature as Internet Explorer 11. You can use the Web Note annotation tool to save the page to OneNote, or share the page in an email. Windows 10 also includes the Microsoft Print to PDF printer that you can use to save the webpage as a PDF file. In the reading view, you have the option of saving webpages and PDF files to your reading list.