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As the Desktop Administrator for Adventure Works Cycles, you've received several complaints from users that Microsoft Edge is loading pages very slowly. What common troubleshooting step should you instruct the users to do to try and resolve this issue?


As the Desktop Administrator for Wingtip Toys, you want to configure Microsoft Edge with group policy objects (GPOs). Doing so will enable you to add rules and settings for Microsoft Edge to the group policy Central Store in your Active Directory domain or the Policy Definition template folder on individual computers. What's the first thing you must do to configure Microsoft Edge with GPOs?


Which Microsoft Edge feature enables users to surf the web without collecting browsing history?


Lucerne Publishing wants to employ InPrivate Browsing to help protect data and privacy by preventing the browser from locally storing or retaining browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies, user names, and passwords. However, the company is concerned that some users may attempt to use InPrivate Browsing to conceal their tracks when browsing prohibited websites, or websites that do not pertain to work. What feature can Lucerne Publishing use to configure how it uses InPrivate Browsing and still provide full manageability control on users’ work devices?


Microsoft Edge provides a side panel that allows you to add pages or drag objects into the panel. This panel allows you to organize and share content that you find across the web. That's this feature?