As the Enterprise Administrator of your organization’s Microsoft 365 environment, you'll be responsible for creating and managing user accounts for all your users. User management is one of the most basic tasks for a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator. This process must begin by first planning which user identity model best fits your organization.

In this module, you examined the different user identities supported by Microsoft 365, namely: Cloud identities, Synchronized identities, and Federated identities. You learned that you can either maintain identities in Microsoft 365, or you can integrate identities with your on-premises Active Directory. Determining the identity model that best meets your company's business requirements is essential to successfully deploying Microsoft 365.

This module then provided instruction on how to manage user accounts and licenses in Microsoft 365. You learned how to create and manage user accounts, assign Microsoft 365 licenses to users, and recover deleted user accounts. Assigning appropriate licenses to your organization’s users enables them to use Microsoft 365 services such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint Online.