Apply exact cost reversing


It's important when returning items to vendors that you apply the exact cost. You need to make item applications when returning an item to reverse the exact cost when the item purchase was posted.

This also is important for items that use FIFO as a costing method. Without exact cost reversing, the program automatically applies the oldest open item ledger entry, which can have unit cost other than the one you're returning.

You can apply exact cost reversing in one of two ways:

  • By entering lines manually.

  • By using the Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse function.

To use the Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse function on a purchase return order, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search for Page icon in the top-right corner of the page, enter purchase return orders, and then choose the related link.

  2. Select New, and then select a vendor in the Vendor Name field.

  3. Select Process, and then Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse.

  4. Select Show Reversible Lines Only to display only the lines that can be reversed. Items, for example, that haven't been reversed yet.

  5. In the Document Type Filter field, select one of the following document types.

    • Posted Receipts

    • Posted Invoices

    • Posted Return Shipments

    • Posted Cr. Memos

  6. In the Lines FastTab, select one or multiple lines.

  7. Select OK.

    Screenshot of the Posted Purchase Document Lines page.

Business Central will insert the selected lines on the purchase return order, with a reference to the original documents.

Screenshot of the Purchase Return Order page with the inserted lines.

The Unit Cost field on the purchase return order line carries the value from the original (purchase) entry. Also notice that the Appl.-To Item Entry field now has the value from the original (purchase) item ledger entry. When posting the purchase return order, the value ledger entry will be applied automatically.

Screenshot of the Purchase Return Order page with referenced fields.

You can make exact cost reversing mandatory by selecting the Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory field on Purchases & Payables Setup page.