Automatic update of asset counters


Counters can be updated manually on an asset and they can also be updated automatically based on production hours or production quantity.

Values can be updated from production registrations if they are related to a resource that is set up in the Production control module, and you are recording the number of hours that are used on the resource or items produced.

For the number of items produced, it would include both the good quantity and the error quantity, which are recorded when a Reported as finished journal is posted in production.

Follow these steps to update asset counters:

  1. Go to Asset management > Periodic > Assets > Update asset counters.

  2. In the From date field, enter the date when you want the automatic update to start.

    This date will reflect the actual physical date that is reported in Production control. Every production registration after that date will update the counter of the asset. (The asset must be assigned to a specific resource.)

    In the screenshot, notice that after 31 December 2019, a total of 109 assets had their counters updated based on production registrations.

    Screenshot of the Update asset counters page with parameters highlighted.

When working with asset counters, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • You can still create manual counter value registrations, even if the counter type is automatically updated.
  • You can set up counters that are related to another counter. In this case, when a counter is updated, it automatically updates any related counters.

Plan maintenance based on accumulated asset counter values

You can schedule repairs based on asset counter values that have accrued over time. This is useful for processes with variable performance. For example, you might configure the machine to create a scheduled maintenance record every 1,000 hours after an emergency water pump was last serviced.

Some additional counter-based maintenance options include:

  • The ability to configure a counter so that it's automatically reset when a work order is completed. This functionality is useful when you want to schedule maintenance based on the aggregated value since the last work order was completed.
  • A type of maintenance plan interval that is named Repeated on aggregated value (Counter only). This type triggers maintenance each time that an aggregated counter reaches a multiple of a specific value.
  • A type of maintenance plan interval that is named Once on aggregated value (Counter only). This type triggers maintenance when an aggregated counter reaches a specific value, such as 8,000 hours.


An hour counter that periodically creates maintenance schedule lines.

The diagram shows an hour counter for which a new maintenance schedule line is created each time 250 hours have passed. The interval type for this counter-based line is Repeated from start date. The start date is the start date of the related assets in the All assets details view > Asset maintenance plans FastTab > Start date field, or in the Functional location details view > Maintenance plans FastTab > Start date field.

This is an example of a preventive maintenance plan because the maintenance schedule line is automatically created each time the threshold (+ 250) is reached.

To learn more about the various intervals you can set up with counter-based maintenance plans, see the Interval types overview section in Maintenance plans.