Use the Azure mobile app to manage Azure on the go


Tailwind Traders experiences surges in e-commerce traffic that coincide with holidays and weekends. In the company's first few years, managers of critical systems had to convene at the office of the director of cloud operations during these important periods. However, now that Tailwind Traders has successfully operationalized most critical systems, the director wants to relax this requirement and allow employees to spend these dates with their families. Is there a product that can help support this scenario?

Which service should you choose?

Let's run through our decision criteria again.

First, does Tailwind Traders need to perform one-off management, administrative, reporting actions? Yes. The real question is, how? A phone or tablet solution could help key employees keep an eye on the health of the cloud environment when they're out of the office. The Azure mobile app is likely a good compromise, because it lets employees be away from work and still perform essential, one-off management and administrative tasks.

We can skip the rest of the decision criteria in this unique scenario. The Azure mobile app is the right choice.