Create and deploy a cloud-native ASP.NET Core microservice

Solution Architect
Azure Container Registry
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Create and deploy an ASP.NET Core microservice to AKS.

Learning objectives

  • Examine an existing ASP.NET Core microservices app running in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
  • Implement and containerize a new ASP.NET Core microservice for the app.
  • Publish the Docker container image to Azure Container Registry.
  • Deploy the Docker container to the existing AKS cluster.


  • Beginner-level experience with C# code.
  • Familiarity with RESTful service concepts and HTTP actions like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.
  • Conceptual knowledge of containers, Docker, and AKS.
  • Access to an Azure subscription.
  • Ability to run development containers in Visual Studio Code or GitHub Codespaces, including Docker and Visual Studio Code extensions installed as necessary.