Screenshot of periodic table of elements in-game.

This module was designed around the question, “How does Minecraft: Education Edition Chemistry in Minecraft support safe, equitable, and rigorous learning experiences?”

To help you answer this question, the module met the following objectives: 

  • Used the Element Constructor to build as many as 118 elements from the Periodic Table based on the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in each element. 
  • Used the Compound Creator to combine elements into as many as 30 compounds and then use the Lab Table to create additional Minecraft items. 
  • Reduced blocks to their component elements with the Material Reducer. 
  • Participants will use the provided Educator's Lab book as a guide to the chemistry crafting exercises. 
  • Located and download additional chemistry (and related) science lessons from the Minecraft: Education Edition site. 

Reflect on your takeaways from the learning you have done through this module. 

Feel free to share your reflection (and what you learned) by tweeting it out using the #MinecraftEDU @PlayCraftLearn hashtags on Twitter.

Additional reference information: The Minecraft: Education Edition resource document is available by selecting the following link: Module Resources.