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You are an IT Support Professional for a law firm. One of the paralegals is having trouble finding files on their Windows 10 computer. Which of the following files is included in the Windows Search index by default?


Contoso has several Windows 10 laptops experiencing performance bottlenecks. Diagnostic analysis indicates the source of the problem to be the computers' disk subsystems. What can Contoso do to alleviate this problem?


Wingtip Toys wants to calculate performance baselines for its client computer environment. By doing so, the company can interpret real-time monitoring information more accurately. How can Wingtip Toys establish a baseline to use as a standard for comparison?


Your computer can use more memory than the limitation imposed by 32-bit operating systems. Because your computer doesn't have this memory limitation, you want to select a 64-bit version of Windows. What's the memory limitation imposed by 32-bit operating systems?


A user is complaining of decreased computer system performance. Which of the following items is one of the four main hardware components that you should monitor in a Windows 10–based computer?