Exercise create a custom role to manage app registration


Create a new custom role to grant access to manage app registrations

Create a new custom role that can be used to grant access to manage app registrations.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal using a Global Administrator account.

  2. Open the portal menu and then select Azure Active Directory.

  3. On the Azure Active Directory screen, under Manage, select Roles and administrators.

  4. On the Roles and administrators screen, on the menu, select New custom role.

    Screenshot of the Roles and administrators screen with the New custom role menu option highlighted

  5. In the New custom role blade, on the Basics tab, in the name box, enter My custom app role.

  6. Review the remaining options and then select Next.

  7. On the Permissions tab, review the available permissions.

  8. In the Search by permission name or description box, enter credentials.

  9. In the results, select the Manage permissions and then select Next.

    Screenshot of the New custom role Permissions tab with search, manage permissions, and Next highlighted

  10. Review the changes and then select Create.