Plan a Java application migration to Azure Spring Apps

Azure Spring Apps

This module helps you to plan the migration of the PetClinic sample app to Azure. You'll see how services are deployed to Azure with Azure Spring Apps capabilities, including config server, logs, and distributed tracing.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the microservice architecture pattern and services of the PetClinic sample app.
  • Understand the infrastructure services hosted by Azure Spring Apps.
  • Understand the multiple microservices running the Petclinic sample application.
  • Plan the Azure services used for storing the data for the Petclinic sample application.
  • Recommend the right tools for connecting to Azure.


  • An Azure subscription.
  • Local installations of Java JDK (1.8 or later), Visual Studio Code, and the Azure CLI (2.12 or later).
  • Intermediate-level familiarity with and local installations of the following tools: Git, Java JDK 8 or later, and a Java IDE or text editor.
  • Basic Git commands, including cloning, committing files, and pushing changes to GitHub.
  • Pull requests in GitHub, including creating, reviewing, and merging pull requests.
  • Basic GitHub Actions workflows, including triggers and secrets for connecting to your Azure environment.