When you move an enterprise organization to Microsoft 365, it's important to plan exactly:

  • The steps you want to take.
  • When you want to complete each step.
  • The users who will complete each step.

This module examines the key steps involved in planning such a move by reviewing the Deployment Planning Checklist for Microsoft 365 that's provided by Microsoft.

Once you've completed this module, you should have a greater understanding of what is required to design a plan that defines your company’s migration needs.

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Plan your organization's migration to Microsoft 365 by using the Deployment Planning Checklist.
  • Analyze your organization's Active Directory and plan any necessary clean-up using the ID Fix tool.
  • Determine which migration strategy to use to move your organization's mail, calendar, and contact information to the cloud.
  • Describe the performance and network issues to consider when planning your organization's migration strategy.