Set up permissions to embed Power BI content

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To start developing your app that embeds Power BI content, you should first know whether it's for internal or external users. When it's for internal users, your app must use the For your organization scenario, so it will use an interactive authentication flow. When it's for external users, your app must use the For your customers scenario, so it will use a non-interactive authentication flow.

Your setup will involve creating an Azure AD app registration to establish an identity for your app. It allows your app to authenticate and acquire access tokens, which are necessary to embed Power BI content.


Power BI is in a constant state of evolution, so be sure that you keep abreast of new features we announce in the Microsoft Power BI blog. You might discover new features and capabilities that you can apply to improve your existing reports.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Plan the authentication flow required to embed Power BI content.
  • Select an embedding identity (when embedding using the For your customers scenario).
  • Create a Microsoft Azure Active Directory app registration.
  • Acquire access tokens to embed Power BI content.


Experience developing web apps and creating Power BI workspaces and content, and be familiar with the two embedding scenarios, For your organization and For your customers.