Run an IoT Edge device in a restricted network and offline

Azure IoT Edge

This module is theoretical and will walk you through how an IoT Edge device can be harnessed as a gateway to child devices and can store captured information if connectivity is unavailable.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Deploy Azure IoT Edge enabled Linux VM
  • Set up IoT Edge Parent with multiple Child IoT Devices
  • Configure IoT Edge Device as Gateway
  • Open IoT Edge Gateway Device Inbound Ports using Azure CLI
  • Configure IoT Edge Device Time-to-Live and Message Storage
  • Connect Child IoT Device to IoT Edge Gateway
  • Test Device Connectivity and Offline Support


  • An introductory knowledge of the purpose of Azure IoT
  • Ability to navigate Azure IoT portal
  • Experience using Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code, at the beginner level