Visualize batch jobs with the Batch Explorer


Many administrators prefer GUI tools and you can use the Azure Batch Explorer to graphically analyze the status of your batch jobs.

Here you'll learn about the Azure Batch Explorer tool and how it can help you to manage your jobs.

What is the Azure Batch Explorer?

Azure Batch Explorer is a free client tool that helps with every aspect of the creation, management, monitoring and debugging of the Azure Batch applications. It's a standalone tool dedicated to the Azure Batch workflow and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With Batch Explorer you can manage batch accounts, see vast amounts of information on huge Batch scenarios all at a glance, and drill down into the details of areas of interest. Once your Batch scenario gets to a certain scale, it becomes unwieldy to use the CLI. The advantage of Batch Explorer is that it gives a visual tool for all aspects of Batch management and debugging.

For example, you can see all the nodes you create in a Batch pool.

Visualization of Batch Explorer nodes panel.

Drilling down further, you can see what kind of state they are in, whether working or idle.

Visualization of Batch Explorer node states.

Installing Azure Batch Explorer

You can install Azure Batch Explorer by navigating to the dedicated Azure Batch Explorer page and choosing the correct version for your platform. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are available.

Once installed, sign in using the same Microsoft account you're using for these exercises. The Sandbox directory used by all these exercises will be selected.