Create service activities


A service activity is a type of activity record that specifies the customer, location, and the type of work that the customer wants to be performed. The main benefit of using services and service activities is that the complexity of the resourcing needs is contained in the service and its requirement groups. The user simply needs to select the service and the customer.

Then, you can schedule the service activity and find the times that resources are available to provide the service.


You can't create a recurring service activity. You need to create individual service activities as needed.

Create a service activity

You can create service activities by going to Scheduling > Service Activities in the Customer Service Hub.

Selecting the Service Activities button in the command bar will open the New Service Activity form.

Screenshot of the New Service Activity form.

On the Service Activity tab on the New Service Activity form, make sure that you:

  • Enter the Subject of the service activity.

  • Select the Service that has been requested by the customer.

  • Select the customer who requested the activity.

  • Set the Show Time As field to Requested or Tentative.

  • Choose the Organizational Unit where the service will be performed.


You can also create service activities from Activities under My Work and from related activities on account records. You can't create a service activity from the timeline control, and they don't appear in the timeline by default. You can customize the Account form and enable service activities in the timeline.

Book a service activity from the service activity

You can schedule a service activity directly from the service activity record by selecting the Book button in the command bar.

Selecting this button will launch the schedule assistant in a pop-up window, where available resources and their time slots are listed.

Screenshot of the schedule assistant.

Select a resource and a time slot and then select the Book & Exit button to book the service.

You can create and view a bookable resource booking on the Bookings tab.

Screenshot of the booked activity.

The service activity is also updated with the starting and ending times of the booking.