The scheduling feature in Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides organizations with a straightforward and highly configurable scheduling tool for scheduling the services that they provide to their customers. Organizations can define the services that they provide to their customers in the application. These services will contain resource requirement definitions that define the resources that would be needed to complete the service. Service activities are created when the service needs to be provided at a specific location. After the organization has created the service, they can schedule it by using the schedule assistant to help identify resources that meet the needs of the requirements.

This module examined how to define and schedule services with Customer Service scheduling, including how to:

  • Create services and requirement groups to define the service that is provided to customers.

  • Create fulfillment preferences to control the number and timings of slots that are offered to customers.

  • Create service activities.

  • Schedule service activities with the schedule assistant and schedule board.

Your next steps would be to learn how to customize the schedule board to tailor the scheduling experience for your or a customer's organization.