Configure Intune tenant domain name


When your organization signs up for Microsoft Intune, you're given an initial domain name hosted in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) that looks like In this example, your-domain is the domain name that you chose when you signed up. is the suffix assigned to all accounts added to subscriptions. You can optionally configure your organization's custom domain to access Intune, instead of the domain name provided with your subscription.


Setting up a custom domain name is optional. If you are simply evaluating Intune using the free trial, you can skip the steps in this section.

Azure AD is the underlying infrastructure that supports identity management for all Microsoft cloud services. Azure AD stores information about license-assignment states for users. Your subscription to Intune is hosted by an Azure AD tenant. The tenant represents your organization. It's a dedicated instance of Azure AD that your organization receives at the beginning of a relationship with Microsoft. It's in this Azure AD tenant that you register and manage your end user's devices and apps.

Before you create user accounts or synchronize your on-premises Active Directory (for those using Endpoint Configuration Manager), we strongly recommend that you decide whether to use only the domain or to add one or more of your custom domain names. Setting up a custom domain before adding users will help to simplify user management. Setting up a custom domain lets users sign in with the credentials they use to access your organization's other domain resources.


To learn more about custom domains, see Managing custom domain names in your Azure Active Directory.

You would not rename or remove the initial domain name. However, you can add, verify, or remove a custom domain name used with Intune to keep your business identity clear. You must have access to your own custom domain name in order to add it to your Intune tenant.

Add and verify your custom domain (OPTIONAL)

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center and sign into your administrator account.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Setup > Get your custom domain set up > Get started.


    In this step, you'll see a provided video. Viewing this video will also show you how to add your domain.

  3. Add your domain name, then select Use this domain.

    Screenshot of Microsoft 365 admin center - Add a new domain.

    If you are using a common domain registrar like GoDaddy or WordPress, verifying your domain is a quick process. In this case, you'll see a Sign in option to verify your domain.

    The Verify domain dialog box opens, giving you the values to create the TXT record in your DNS hosting provider.

    • GoDaddy users: Microsoft 365 admin center redirects you to GoDaddy's login page. After you enter your credentials and accept the domain change permission agreement, the TXT record is created automatically. You can alternatively create the TXT record.
    • users: Follow the step-by-step instructions to create the TXT record.
  4. If you see the options to add a TXT record, add an MX record, or add a text file to the domain's website, you'll need to choose how you want to verify your domain.

    Screenshot of Microsoft 365 admin center - Verify your domain.

    The steps to add and verify a custom domain can also be performed in Azure Active Directory.

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