Troubleshoot file issues for private channels


Private channels are created when people want focused workspaces to collaborate. Private channels are identified by a lock icon and can only be accessed by members added to the private channel. Private channels can be created by team owners or members, but not guests.

Shared file storage in Microsoft Teams

SharePoint creates another site collection for shared file storage for private channels. Because the channel is private, file storage is separate from the Teams General and public channels.

To view where the files are stored, from the Teams channel, select the Files tab, and from the top navigation select Open in SharePoint. The SharePoint documents library site is displayed.

To verify the access permissions to a file, select the vertical three dots and Manage access. You can view who owns the file and links. Select Advanced to view the Permissions tab.

SharePoint and OneDrive settings

From the SharePoint admin center you can view and amend SharePoint and OneDrive settings.

Verify that the SharePoint site for the channel is accessible

When you create a team, a SharePoint team site is automatically created for you. Shared files are stored in the SharePoint document library and can be viewed both in Teams and in SharePoint. Check who has permissions for the channel by selecting the three dots next to the channel name and selecting Manage channel. The owner and members of the private channel are listed.

To verify that the SharePoint site for the channel is accessible for a user, from SharePoint select My Sites, selecting See more if necessary. All the SharePoint sites for Teams channels are displayed.

Verify SharePoint access permissions

To verify the SharePoint access permissions, in SharePoint, > Settings (gear icon) > Library settings > Permissions and Management > Permissions for this document library.

If this is a document library created by Teams, a warning is displayed to say This library inherits permissions from its parent.

Permission levels are displayed for team owners, members, and visitors.

A SharePoint site collection link is the site URL. If you are having problems with file storage, check that the SharePoint site collection link is intact, and hasn’t been corrupted.

In the Teams Files tab, select Copy Link from the top navigation bar. The Get link dialog box is displayed. Select the SharePoint tab to view the SharePoint link.