Develop an instrumentation strategy

DevOps Engineer
Solution Architect
Azure Portal
Azure Resource Manager
Application Insights
Event Grid
Microsoft Sentinel
Azure Security Center
Service Health
Visual Studio App Center
Virtual Machines
App Service
Container Instances
Kubernetes Service
Logic Apps

Learn how logging, telemetry, and monitoring give you full visibility into what's happening in your environment.



Modules in this learning path

Use application logs in Azure Web Apps to help debug web app code.

Use Azure Resource Manager to organize resources, enforce standards, and protect critical assets from deletion.

Scaling your system to handle load, identifying network bottlenecks, and optimizing your storage performance are important to ensure your users have the best experience. Learn how to make your application perform at its best.

Learn how to design an Azure architecture that uses modern practices and gives you full visibility into what's happening in your environment.

Use Azure Monitor logs to extract valuable information about your infrastructure from log data.

Application Insights is an Azure service that you can use to monitor the behavior and performance of a web application. If you run a web app in Azure, you can take advantage of several benefits provided by Application Insights simply by enabling it, without changing any of your code. When you complete this module, you'll know how to enable Application Insights and client-side monitoring and view metrics in the portal.

Obtain comprehensive diagnostic information from a web app by adding the Application Insights SDK to your server-side code.

Monitoring how your cloud resources are performing is crucial to building reliable cloud applications. This module covers what monitoring is, why you need to do it, and how you can about monitoring your resources.

Build a serverless application architecture, automate your operations, and integrate applications by handling Azure events with Event Grid.

Use monitoring services on Azure to bring operational excellence to your applications and infrastructure.