Develop a security and compliance plan

DevOps Engineer
Solution Architect
Security Engineer
Microsoft Entra ID
Azure Key Vault
Azure API Management
Azure Monitor

Build strategies around security and compliance that enable you to authenticate and authorize your users, handle sensitive information, and enforce proper governance.



Modules in this learning path

Secure internal resources, external resources, SaaS applications, and more by using Microsoft Entra ID. Learn about the features and capabilities of Microsoft Entra ID.

Create users in Microsoft Entra ID. Understand different types of groups. Create a group and add members. Manage business-to-business guest accounts.

Securely authenticate applications to Azure to manage and access Azure services. Service principals and managed identities for Azure resources give your app a Microsoft Entra identity.

Storing and handling secrets, encryption keys, and certificates directly is risky, and every usage introduces the possibility of unintentional data exposure. Azure Key Vault provides a secure storage area for managing all your app secrets so you can properly encrypt your data in transit or while it's being stored.

Discover how to protect your APIs from unauthorized use with API keys and client certificate authentication.

Monitor Microsoft Entra security events with built-in reporting and monitoring capabilities to prevent unauthorized access and potential data loss.

Learn best practices for building, hosting, and maintaining a secure repository on GitHub.

Incidents will happen—there’s no doubt about that. The key question is whether you will treat them as a learning opportunity to make your operations practice better or just as a loss of time, money, and reputation. Learn the practice and the Azure tools that can help level up your operations practice by learning from failure.

Everyone has incidents, but the top performing organizations know how to respond to them effectively. Learn the fundamentals of efficient incident response and the Azure tools that make them possible.