AZ-400: Implement CI with Azure Pipelines and GitHub Actions

DevOps Engineer
Security Engineer
Security Operations Analyst
Service Adoption Specialist
Solution Architect
Technology Manager
Azure Artifacts
Azure Boards
Azure Cloud Services
Azure DevOps
Azure Pipelines
Azure Repos
Azure Test Plans

This learning path introduces the continuous integration concept using Azure Pipelines and GitHub Actions and provides instruction on configuring those services and building applications.



Modules in this learning path

This module introduces Azure Pipelines concepts and explains key terms and components of the tool, helping you decide your pipeline strategy and responsibilities.

This module explores the differences between Microsoft-hosted and self-hosted agents, details job types, and configures agent pools. Understand typical situations to use agent pools and how to manage their security.

This module describes parallel jobs and how to estimate their usage. Also, it presents Azure Pipelines for open-source projects, explores Visual Designer and YAML pipelines.

This module details continuous integration practice and the pillars for implementing it in the development lifecycle, its benefits, and properties.

This module describes pipeline strategies, configuring them, implementing multi-agent builds, and what source controls Azure Pipelines supports.

This module details Azure Pipelines anatomy and structure, templates, YAML resources, and how to use multiple repositories in your pipeline.

In this module, you will learn what GitHub Actions, action flow, and its elements are. Understand what events are, explore jobs and runners, and how to read console output from actions.

This module details continuous integration using GitHub Actions and describes environment variables, artifacts, best practices, and how to secure your pipeline using encrypted variables and secrets.

This module helps you plan a container build strategy, explains containers and their structure, introduces Docker, microservices, Azure Container Registry, and related services.