Best practices for Azure migration and modernization

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Azure Migrate

Cloud migration and modernization is top of mind for most of the organizations. Explore how you can confidently and efficiently navigate every step of the migration and modernization journey. Dive deeper into steps and best practices for planning and executing migration and modernization.

In this learning path, you'll:

  • Understand the benefits of cloud
  • Explore the cloud migration and modernization journey and common migration and modernization scenarios
  • Learn about migration and modernization tools and programs
  • Get best practices and how-to guidance for Azure migration and modernization


  • Basic understanding of cloud computing, Azure fundamentals and workloads being migrated and modernized

Modules in this learning path

Moving to Azure can help you optimize costs and stay secure and resilient by avoiding costly business interruptions. You can take advantage of fully managed services in Azure to reduce operational burden, scale on demand, and focus on more important tasks. There are many reasons for moving to Azure, and a proven, methodical approach can help you navigate that journey successfully. Microsoft provides guidance, tools, and programs you can use to ensure success.

Adopting the cloud might depend on many moving parts. Starting with a sound plan built by experts creates clarity. Integrating data about your current environment and long-term objectives refines the plan to reflect realistic expectations and assignments.

The Migrate methodology in the Cloud Adoption Framework guides you through migration to Azure by using repeatable processes and common tools.